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The Leadership Challenge®

For organizational and individual leaders who seek an easy-to-use, credible leadership methodology to face challenge and change.

For in-house trainers, or contractors, who wish to embed this methodology into entities and organizations.

For those who see value in driving change through the value-added Leadership Practices Inventory Tool as an impetus for development

Debbie Nicol, a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®, Certified LPI® Coach and Certifying Master Mentor, delivers The Leadership Challenge® learning experience to local and global corporations, through her company 'business en motion', a Wiley Global Training Partner.

Jim Kouzes' and Barry Posner's 'The Leadership Challenge' is a leadership development program and methodology containing a set of five leadership practices and thirty leadership behaviors, set within a research-based framework that helps us all perform to our potential! The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership(R) include Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act and Encourage the Heart. These practices transform:

  • values into actions
  • separateness into solidarity
  • visions into reality
  • risk into rewards
  • obstacles into opportunity

Kouzes' and Posner's  LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® is an evidence-based, rigorously-tested 360 assessment instrument. It serves as both an assessment and development tool to help liberate the leader in everyone, at every level, in every organization.

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the five practices of exemplary leadership®

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  • An individual wishing to invest in your own leadership development
  • A Corporate leader wishing to build awareness of leadership in yourself
  • A Corporate leader wishing to build a culture of leadership in your workplace

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'business en motion' - highly experienced in leadership development facilitation and coaching (Global Training Partner of The Leadership Challenge®, an ACC-accredited coach, a member of ICF, and a certified, Wiley LPI® Coach) has now formulated flexible learning paths for you.

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Individual Development Pathway

option two

Individual Development Pathway

option three

Organizational Implementation Pathway


You cannot lead others until you can lead yourself. The above options will develop skills-based leadership. Should you seek inner leadership, click here to review Executive Coaching.

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‘business en motion’, a business consultancy and learning organization that serves ‘the globe’, has change at its core. It builds organizational frameworks, systems, cultures and human capability through learning and development, coaching (executive and team) and consultancy services. ‘business en motion’ is energized through the heart and soul of Debbie Nicol, its Australian founding executive and managing director.

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